How It Works

A subtitle about the online tutoring process

1) On-line tuition means:

  • No wasted time or money driving
    your son/daughter to a tutor
  • Tuition can be from the comfort of your own home
  • Effective use of time for you and your son/daughter
  • Ability to record and playback sessions using Zoom

2) Payment:

  • Sessions will be paid monthly in advance via Stripe

3) Sessions are delivered using and will be an hour long.

You will be sent a link via e -mail prior to the session and just need to click on that at the time of the session.

4) Students should be suitably equipped for their lessons. As a minimum this should include:

  • PC/laptop preferably due to larger screen size (or iPad if PC unavailable) with a webcam, and microphone connected to Zoom for video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Writing paper, post it notes in a variety of colours, pen/pencil, calculator, ruler.
  • A folder to keep their work organised.
  • Each student requires the relevant book for their specification shown below. (That way, I know you have a good source of theory notes and diagrams for A-level Biology. Therefore no need to spend time writing copious notes, we can focus on understanding and application of Biology.)
  • -The Complete Course for AQA A-Level Year 1 and AS Biology
  • ISBN 978 1 78294 319 8
  • -The Complete Course for AQA A-Level Year 2
  • ISBN 978 1 78294 324 2
  • -The Complete Course for OCR A A-Level Year 1 and AS Biology
  • ISBN 978 1 78294 320 4
  • -The Complete Course for OCR A A-Level Year 2
  • ISBN 978 1 78294 325 9

Exam Questions

I will e-mail packs of past exam questions organised into topics with mark schemes attached for both AS and A-Level Biology. It may be useful to print these out for use throughout your A-Level Biology studies. I do not set or mark work for tutees.

Happy clients

So a year on since I finished my A levels I am still so very thankful for Nicky's tutoring. Not only was I able to get the A required to get into medical school, I also gained a much broader sense of confidence in my abilities and a much calmer stance when it came to stressful exams. Most of what I learnt through Nicky (both skills and course content) were very much applicable to my first year of medical school and I look forward to seeing what else may be repeated in the coming years!

Elena P, 2017

My daughter was tutored by Nicky throughout her A level studies. She always worked hard but lacked self-confidence. Nicky built up a great relationship with my daughter and as a result her confidence and subject knowledge came on in leaps and bounds. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nicky as her input made a big difference to my daughter’s performance in biology.

Alison L, 2018

Thank you Nicky for all you have done! You're a truly wonderful teacher!

Nicky really helped me fully understand Biology A level and what the exam consisted of. Her knowledge and experience along with her enthusiasm encouraged me to persevere. The resources provided were also great for revision. Also Nicky helped my write my personal statement for university and proof read my EPQ. Many thanks for the help!!!

Tanya R, 2018

Amazing tutor, improved my confidence as well as my marks, warm environment and easy to learn in. Even in a group setting, Nicky manages to tend to individual needs and struggles and help everyone. 10/10

Millie S, 2018

Nicky is a friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Biology tutor who I would highly recommend. Not only has she helped me gain my A-level qualification but she also offers guidance and support in all aspects of her students careers. Nicky really cares about each person doing there best and achieving their targets, she is a fantastic tutor!

Martha W, 2018

Thank you so much to Nicky for providing me with the confidence and understanding that I needed to be successful at A level biology. Highly recommend Tweedle’s biology tuition if you are looking for a friendly tutor who is clear and able to explain everything in a way that is easy to understand and takes the time to guide individuals and provide support throughout.

Olivia H, 2018

Nicky is an amazing tutor. She helped me build my confidence in biology which was my main struggle and provided me with support and extra information that my teachers in school. She was here to help whenever i needed help with anything, even with my personal statement for uni. I highly recommend!

Sydney J, 2018

Thank you so much for everything! You have been an amazing tutor and my favourite teacher during my school career. Nicki is kind and friendly and has raised my grades and my confidence significantly in biology. Her learning strategies to cope with my dyslexia have helped me in my other subjects too.

Freya R-H, 2018

Nicky is a fantastic tutor that I would highly recommend for anyone that needs extra help & support in their A level Biology. Her expertise and enthusiasm in teaching allowed my son to achieve the grade he required to get into Uni. Thank you once again.

Surai N, 2018

Amazing tuition, would 100% recommend. Nicky knows the specification really well and explains topics clearly so they're easier to understand. She is friendly, kind and you're always encouraged to have a go.

Georgia F, 2018

Nicky really helped me get a deeper understanding of the topics I was learning at school and helped us with our exam technique. She really supported Ellie and I through our A-levels helping us in any way she could and teaching us in the style we found we learnt better with. Would highly recommend!

Lucy J, 2018

Nicky Tweedle has been part of the lives of three of my girls over the past 10 years +. I cannot express how much motivation and learning my girls gained from tuition sessions, private or group sessions over the years. Today, she saw my youngest daughter gain her A Level result to enable her to get to a university of her choice. Thank you. Would not hesitate to recommend Tweedle’s Biology Tuition to any parent who is looking for someone to nurture and motivate their child in Biology!

Corinne J, 2018

Nicky was a massive help to me in giving me the information that I wasn't getting at school and particularly in helping me understand what the examiners were looking for. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to achieve top grades or just to improve their current grade.

Will T, 2017