Privacy & GDPR Statement

As part of the GDPR, consent to collect and store personal information must be obtained from Clients.

To provide tuition services for children of school age, it is necessary to collect personal information, including names, telephone numbers and email addresses of parents.

The names, their school and Year Group are recorded.

Contact details for students need to be accurate and kept up to date, so please keep me informed of any changes.

All information given will be kept securely. Information is stored electronically and is not shared with any third parties. ??PayPal??

If student details are needed as part of a referral to another tutor, agency or professional, I will seek permission from the parent/student in person or by text/email first.

Written records are made during lessons and are used to evaluate student learning and plan for future lessons. A separate folder is held for each student.

It is assumed that consent to communicate via Zoom is given by parents who pay for on-line tuition. It is not my policy to have contact with students on social media, with the exception of my Facebook page ‘Tweedle’s Biology Tuition’ which I recommend you and your son/daughter likes and follows for updates within the Biology field.