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Nicky has fantastic exam resources and teaches tricky concepts in manageable clear steps. Each lesson is well balanced with theory and exam practise- so knowing how to apply subject knowledge to seemingly abstract exam questions is made a lot less daunting! Nickys feedback on exam questions helps refine and improve technique to exactly what the exam boards favour.

Lavin, AQA A-level October 2020 exams

I find the online sessions to be really helpful as they are super interactive and they cover all the content in a well organised way. We also go over past paper questions in the sessions which I find to be the most useful way of learning. As for Nicky herself she is kind, funny and a really good teacher, who is able to answer any questions I have on any of the work.

Yousaf, AQA AS, Beckfoot School, 2020

Nicky is a brilliant tutor. She is very supportive and has helped me improve my question technique. She has an excellent bank of resources for each topic. Nicky has also really helped me with my application to university and my personal statement. I would highly recommend Tweedle's Biology Tuition.

Olivia, AQA A-level, Greenhead College, 2020

Nicky has been a great A level tutor, she is highly skilled and is very patient, encouraging and flexible in her approach. I am very pleased with the level of progress I have made as a result of these sessions, I would highly recommend.

Saafa Mahdi, OCR A-level, Saint Dominic's Sixth Form College, Harrow 2020

When I started tutoring with Nicky I was on D's and after 2 months of teaching with all the extra advice and extra exam questions for A level, I was able to gain an A which was a huge improvement. This was recognised by my biology teachers and now I am always in the range of A's and B's. 🙂

Usman Akhtar, AQA AS, Greenhead College, 2020

My weekly sessions with Nicky were some of the most valuable hours spent learning my A-level biology course content. Not only did our sessions allow me to grasp a full understanding of the content, and with that a confidence to pursue higher grades, but allowed me to improve my exam technique and an ability to approach questions that would have previously left me stuck. Nicky has the ability to adapt her teaching style in order for her students to learn at their own rate to the best of their ability, and I can confidently say she boosted my grades up from C’s to A’s. Nicky had hundreds of past paper questions we worked through together and individual knowledge of my exam board which allowed me to gain insight into the most effective ways to improve my grades, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Izzy Austin, AQA A-level Notre Dame Sixth Form College

Nicky has been tutoring my daughter in Biology AS level for the past 4 months. My daughter reports a marked improvement in her confidence in tacking Biology past papers, particularly the more complex longer 6 mark questions. She has found both the 1 to 1 and the group sessions on the AQA curriculum extremely helpful in maintaining her knowledge and interest in the subject during the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Nicky is very knowledgeable about the subject and the minutiae of the curriculum. This is reflected in her ability to coach my daughter to maximise her marks when answering papers. Nicky is very reliable and my daughter enjoys her biology lessons with her’.

AQA AS student, 2020

Nicky is one of the best biology tutors that I have had. She has helped me strengthen my exam technique to push myself further in achieving a top grade. She also explains topics in an easy to follow manner and will ensure that I completely understand a topic before moving on. With the help of Nicky my confidence in biology has increased and has made me feel well prepared for my a level exams.

Iman, OCR A2, private candidate, 2020

My main problem was tackling exam questions. My sessions with Nicky were incredibly helpful in understanding exactly what a question is asking for and how to word the answer. This also includes the essay question on Paper 3. She was also great at picking up on and filling in any gaps in my knowledge. She's very flexible, patient and can easily adapt the lesson to the needs of the individual, even if you don't know exactly what you need - she can help you figure it out. It is very easy to talk to her about worries or uncertainties and she really cares about her tutees. The support I got from her was unlike any I got from my teachers at school/college or previous tutors. Nicky really helped me feel prepared for my exams and gave me confidence in what I already knew and helped me build on it. I would 100% recommend her to anybody looking for a biology tutor.

Rana Rassem, AQA A-level October 2020 exam series

Nicky has helped me re-discover my love for Biology, something that I really struggled with at school. She is very patient and really helps build my confidence within the subject. Nicky is a perfect example of a tutor who not only helps teach Biology but also really cares about her students too.

Nora, OCR AS Biology, private candidate

I would highly recommend Nicky as a tutor. My son had been struggling with the transition from GCSE to A level biology. After a couple of lessons he was enjoying his course and had improved his attainment grades in assessments. Nicky is extremely organised, efficient & methodical. My son looks forward to his weekly sessions.

AQA AS Biology, Caterham School

I started my learning journey with Nicky alongside my A-Levels as I felt that this would be a great way of consolidating my knowledge in my lessons at school. Nicky has been amazing in providing online tuition and I don’t feel at all that I’ve missed out on a face to face interaction with her. Her attention to detail in lesson plans and exam preparation has really helped me fill gaps in my knowledge within my A-Level syllabus. Aside from Biology, Nicky has helped and advised me with key decision making within my UCAS application. During the Covid-19 lockdown, Nicky has been my rock, ensuring that I could continue my lessons with her so I could be in a strong position moving forwards in my learning journey. Thankyou for being so dependable Nicky!

Ayesha Yaqub, AQA A-level, The Grammar School at Leeds, 2020

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