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A-Level Biology Tutor

Fully qualified Biology teacher with over 20 years’ experience teaching and examining, including over 8 years full time tutoring for individuals and groups, specifically for A-level Biology.


Weekly group A-level Biology Masterclasses to support a students’
learning in school.

Sessions will include me delivering theory in a lecture based format, ending the session with Q&A. No homework will be set. Minimum of 3 students required.


£30/hour paid in advance,

as a block per half term via PayPal.

One to one tuition

These sessions can be adapted to the needs of each individual.


£50/hour paid in advance,

as a block per half term via PayPal.

Fully qualified Biology teacher with over 20 years' experience teaching and examining, including over 8 years full time tutoring for individuals and groups, specifically for A-level Biology.

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Nicky’s tuition really helped me with biology over the past year, since starting online sessions with Nicky I saw an increase in both my confidence and my grades. The face to face online sessions are really easy and being able to revise from the comfort of your own home makes the sessions really nice (plus no travel time needed, meaning more time for work at home). Thanks for everything!

Jessica W, 2019

I would highly recommend Nicky! She is a fantastic biology tutor who really helped me to understand the topics in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to in school with a full class. She is very patient and enthusiastic, I feel our sessions will have significantly improved my A level result. Nicky has also been more than happy to help with my personal statement and any questions I have about uni applications. I’m very grateful for all her help and advice throughout the last year, thank you!

Jasmine O, 2019

Nicky provides generally excellent sessions. Over the last two years she has helped greatly with my exam technique through exam questions, as well as this she has been a huge help in covering the content in meticulous detail. The positive impact she has had on my A level is genuinely massive, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough to anyone else considering her as a tutor.

Owen T, 2019

Nicky is amazing! Her exceptional knowledge of the A level course and all the different exam questions meant that she was able to not only help me with areas I didn’t understand but also work on exam technique which is so important. She is so friendly and approachable and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an A level biology tutor. Thank you Nicky!

Harriet W-M, 2018

Nicky is probably one of the most amazing tutors you could wish for. Throughout my A-levels I've had Nicky for two years and her help has pushed me to achieve an A in A-level biology and I can't thank her enough. Her informative sessions full of exam tips, revision practice, essay techniques and most importantly what the examiner wants from you to get the top marks! She has helped me build my confidence and given me tools of lots of exam question practice and has incredible teaching methods for when you don't quite understand the topics. I would definitely recommend Nicky as without her I would have never achieved such great results. Thank you.

I approached Tweedle's Biology Tuition for private tutoring to fit around my full time job. I wanted to get a Biology A-level to help me secure a place at University to study Midwifery. Being 25yrs old I had been out of education for a few years, but with Nicky's excellent tutoring I managed to achieve my Biology A-level and get a place at Uni!

Jo I, 2016

Outstanding tutor! Helped me do the impossible and learn biology AS and A2 from scratch in one year to get the A I needed! Nicky's excellent organisation and lesson structure was key in getting me prepared and confident for my exams.

Taneel C, 2017

NI could not recommend Nicky enough if you need help with biology. She explains everything in a very clear and precise way, and makes sure you understand the content as well as giving great tips for revision and exam questions! The sessions are really enjoyable as she is very passionate about her subject, which helped make me excited and want to learn. Thank you so much!

Jess F, 2017

Nicky is a fab biology tutor. Helped simplify the hardest of the A-Level topics and gives invaluable support with her expertise in mark schemes due to her role as a previous examiner. Nicky is more than willing to give advice on UCAS applications and on results day. Thankyou for your help Nicky!

Kate H, 2018

Nicky is an exceptional tutor; as well as the planned lessons she also gives you a textbook and exam question/answer packs for each topic. She is also an AQA Biology examiner which I felt was a huge bonus because she taught me exactly how to read and understand an exam-style question and the mark scheme; it is common for people to misread the exam questions and get it wrong.

Because Nicky is passionate about Biology she makes sessions enjoyable, and although on the whole I found learning the subject difficult, I always came away from a session having found what I had been taught interesting and feeling empowered that I could go away and revise it.

Nicky is an amazing biology tutor. I found she was able to explain things in a way the teachers at my school couldn't. She helped me move from a D grade at A/S to an A at A2!

Dom G, 2017

I can honestly say that Nikki has been the best and most supportive tutor to help me gain both confidence and knowledge in my Biology A level. Her understanding of what examiners are looking for and the key terminology required in answers has been instrumental to me achieving success. I cannot recommend Nikki enough, she is committed to her tutees and supports them in achieving to the best of their abilities every step of the way.

Charlotte W-P, 2018