February 26, 2020 / by ntweedle

Supporting student motivation ahead of the exams

student motivation

What can we do to support and nurture student motivation until June?


-Firstly with UCAS applications having been submitted, the receiving of an offer in itself can help drive their desires to succeed. Having a clear goal and an end in sight makes the revision and work ethic much more purposeful. 


-Mock examinations help identify strengths and weaknesses so students now have clearer areas to revisit and consolidate. It also helps them appreciate the amount of work that is required to achieve their full potential and attain their target grade. 


-If weaknesses have been identified, then maybe the content has never been  understood and therefore another clear explanation of this topic may be required before any learning and application can begin. This is where a weekly group live Masterclass could help alleviate these problem areas. 


-Ensure a balanced timetable of study and ‘play’. Down time is crucial so that the learning time becomes efficient. 


-Keep active; releasing those endorphins during physical exercise will help maintain a balanced mood and work towards a healthy body. An active immune system will help fight off any pathogens during those stressful examination weeks. 


-Drink plenty of WATER. Staying hydrated is crucial for a sharp mind and a brain that is functioning at its best during revision and examinations.


-A regular sleep pattern with at least 8hrs sleep a night. This way your body knows what to expect, gets used to the routine and you wake feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the new day. 


-Switch off your devices and step away or limit access to all technology. Be cruel to be kind-in the long run they will thank you for it!


So good luck for the coming months; it won’t be an easy ride for any of us, so let the challenge begin. 




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