teacher assessed grades
March 9, 2021 / by ntweedle

Preparing for Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

As we inch ever closer to understanding the teacher assessed grades (TAG) scenario, I thought it well worth giving some suggestions as…

what to look for in a private tutor
January 5, 2021 / by ntweedle

What to look for in a private tutor

What to look for in a private tutor   Due to COVID-19 the demand for online tuition has never been so high….

December 22, 2020 / by ntweedle

Short review of 2020

In my last article of the year I give a very brief review of 2020. What a year it’s turned out to…

pressure on students
August 24, 2020 / by ntweedle

The pressure is mounting for 2020-2021 year 13 students

The last 6 months due to COVID-19 and cancellation of A-level examinations has caused a range of different pressures for everyone. We…

GCSE to A Level Biology
March 26, 2020 / by ntweedle

GCSE to A Level Biology – Bridging the Gap

You don’t need me to tell you that things are a little different this year! The usual anticipation of exam season and…

student motivation
February 26, 2020 / by ntweedle

Supporting student motivation ahead of the exams

What can we do to support and nurture student motivation until June?   -Firstly with UCAS applications having been submitted, the receiving…

standard deviation
February 14, 2020 / by ntweedle

Vlog – Standard Deviation in Maths and Biology

In this video Nicky is joined by Michael Olagunju from Air Maths Tuition to discuss Standard Deviation and how it relates to…

performance is not a given
February 7, 2020 / by ntweedle

Vlog – Performance is not a given

  Optimal performance in any aspect of life is never guaranteed. This is as as true in sport as it is in…

what challenges are you facing
February 4, 2020 / by ntweedle

2020 – What challenges are you facing?

New year-new you?    Have you started 2020 in the way you would like it to continue? What challenges are you facing…

Online A-level Biology Tutor
January 31, 2020 / by ntweedle

My journey to becoming an Online A-level Biology Tutor

Hi, I’m Nicky Tweedle and I would like to share my experiences which led to me becoming an Online A-level Biology Tutor….

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