March 9, 2021 / by ntweedle

Preparing for Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

teacher assessed grades

As we inch ever closer to understanding the teacher assessed grades (TAG) scenario, I thought it well worth giving some suggestions as to how to tackle this situation.

My advice at this point is to focus revision time on subject matter that has already been covered, as that is what you’re going to be tested on.

One important point is that as of the time of writing, A-level Biology students need not worry about practising synoptic questions & essays (AQA) until clearer guidance is received as to whether these areas are to be included or not.

When it comes to the specifics of revision however, it’s extremely important to ensure you set aside enough time to be thorough and to not rely on last minute cramming. Allowing plenty of time allows for the avoidance of panic, which is detrimental to learning and recall!

Work in a location where you’re least likely to be disturbed and where you can maintain focus on the task at hand.

Use a variety of tools to help the information to stick and to aid recall. Bullet points, flashcards and mind maps containing key points will help with this process.

When it comes to your ongoing work, you should aim to produce all set work to the best of your ability, as it may be included and used as evidence towards your TAG.

Past exam papers will prove invaluable for this year’s exam preparation as it’s unlikely new material is being produced for the teacher assessed grades. This means the mini-tests are likely to include questions already in use by the exam boards.

It may be easier said than done, but try not to become stressed and remember that your teachers want you to do well. In addition, remember that the assessments will include only topics you have been taught. It’s fair to say, if it hasn’t been covered in your learning, it won’t be included, so there’s no need to fret unnecessarily.

Most importantly, use your time wisely. Don’t simply read through text books or peruse study notes, make your revision an active process and include a study buddy where it makes sense. 

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